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c.1950 Koerber’s Beer Schnitzelbank German Song Linen Poster Chase Bag Co Toledo
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This lot is an unusual linen advertising poster created by Chase Bag Company for Koerber’s Beer in Toledo, Ohio. The poster shows a German Schnitzelbank. A Schnitzelbank (or Schnitzelbahn) is a traditional German folk song, often performed in a humorous and satirical manner, typically during festive events such as Oktoberfest. The song involves a call-and-response format where a leader sings a line and the audience repeats it. The lyrics often include humorous, exaggerated, or nonsensical observations about everyday life, accompanied by illustrations or visual aids that depict the song’s content. This cloth poster is approximately 37″ tall by 26″ wide.

Koerber’s Beer, produced by the Koerber Brewing Company, was a prominent local brewery in Toledo, Ohio, established in 1904 by Albert Koerber. The brewery became known for its quality beer, serving the local community for several decades. It managed to survive the challenging Prohibition era (1920-1933) by shifting to non-alcoholic products. After Prohibition, Koerber’s resumed beer production and continued to thrive until the mid-20th century. Despite its popularity, the brewery faced increasing competition and changes in the beer industry, leading to its closure in the 1950s.

The Chase Bag Company, founded in 1875 in Chicago, quickly became a leading manufacturer of paper, burlap, and cotton bags. Renowned for its innovative packaging solutions, the company served diverse industries including agriculture, food, and retail. During World War II, it played a crucial role by supplying packaging materials for military rations and equipment.

The poster was found folded several times and will be shipped that way.

All our items are kept in a smoke-free and pet-free environment.

This vintage linen advertising poster is in good condition. It has some soiling along the edges and folds. One edge is frayed, but the cloth has no tears. Please review the included photos of the actual items to make a complete determination of their condition.


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