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1977 Star Wars Red Series 1 Lot of 38 Darth Vader Luke Skywalker VG/EX-EX/MT
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The 1977 Star Wars Red Series trading cards holds a special place in the hearts of both Star Wars fans and trading card collectors alike. Released by Topps, this iconic set consists of 66 cards, which were a part of the first-ever Star Wars trading card series. The cards featured stunning artwork and vivid imagery from the original Star Wars film, capturing the excitement and imagination of George Lucas’ space epic. The set also included a sticker subset and puzzle cards that could be assembled to form larger images.

This lot is a group of 38 Star Wars cards from the Topps set of 1977. It includes the following numbers: 71 (two copies), 73, 75 (three copies), 79, 82, 87 (two copies), 89, 92, 93-94 (two copies each), 95, 97, 99, 100 (two copies), 107, 110, 111 (two copies), 112-114, 117, 119 (three copies), 121, 123-124 (two copies each), 125.

These vintage cards are in various conditions from very good to excellent with the majority toward the top end of that scale. They may have slight edge wear, bumped corners, small scratches, or light indentations. Please review the included photos of the actual items to make a complete determination of their condition.


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