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1983 Renata Galasso Cigarette Baseball Card Reprint Five Uncut Sheets of 40 NM+
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Renata Galasso is a well-known name in the world of cigarette card reprints. In 1983, she gained recognition for her notable collection of reprints that captured the nostalgia of vintage cigarette cards including a set of early baseball players. Renata Galasso’s reprints were meticulously crafted, replicating the designs and details of the original cards that were once highly sought after by collectors. Her work allowed enthusiasts to enjoy the beauty and historical significance of these cards without the need to acquire the rare originals.

This lot is a group of five different uncut and perforated sheets of 40 cards which is 200 of the 524 total cards in this set known as T-206 or “The Monster Set”. The front has pictures of early baseball players and the back has a vintage cigarette advertisement. The group is unusual in that it has two different versions/colors of the Ty Cobb card.

If the title includes a reference to condition, it is based on the same standards of grading as the professional grading companies. If the condition is shown as a range, we are saying that, in our opinion, the card would receive a grade somewhere within that range.


These cards are in near mint or better condition. They have been kept in plastic sleeves for decades. A couple of the sheets have light foxing along the top edge. All the cards are in beautiful, intact condition. Please review the included photos of the actual item to make a complete determination of its condition.


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