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1953 Six Tricks by Tenkai Robert Parrish With Illustrations Knots Dice Silks
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This lot is an original copy of Robert Parrish’s vintage magic book, “Six Tricks by Tenkai” published in 1953. It includes six unique magical effects performed by the master Japanese magician, Tenkai. Tenkai, also known as Tenkai Ishida, was a legendary Japanese magician who made significant contributions to the art of sleight of hand and close-up magic during the early 20th century. Born in 1889, Tenkai is best known for his mastery of the “Tenkai Palm,” a technique that allows a magician to secretly conceal and produce objects with remarkable dexterity. His innovative work greatly influenced future generations of magicians and continues to be studied and admired by magic enthusiasts worldwide.

The booklet is comprised of loose pages stapled at the top. It is approximately 11″ tall by 8.5″ wide, and has 18 pages.

Listing photos may be intentionally cropped to protect the secrets contained in this item.

This softcover book is in good condition with wear appropriate to its age. The staples have been replaced at some point in its history. Some of the pages have old staple holes at the bottom which indicate they were probably incorrectly stapled originally. The pages may have smudges, stains, scuffs, foxing, pen/pencil marks, and small creases or tears, all of which are typical of old paper items. None of the inside pages are torn or creased and none of them have handwriting or highlighting. Please review the included photos of the actual item to make a complete determination of its condition.


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