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1960 & 1961 Autographed Hade-E-Gram MagiZette Volume 2 and 3 Micky Hades Magic
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This lot is a copy of Volume 2 (published in 1960) and Volume 3 (published in 1961 of the well respected magic periodical “Hade-E-Gram MagiZette”. The monthly magazine was published by Micky Hades and served magicians, mentalists and magic collectors. It ran from 1959 to 1965. It contained interviews, articles, columns, and magic tricks.

Micky Hades is a fascinating figure. As the creator of Micky Hades International (MHI), which owned and operated magic shops in three major cities (Seattle, Vancouver, and Calgary), he has built an incredible collection of magic literature that took over an entire house — every room, from floor to ceiling. Throughout his life, he has built custom props for world famous magicians, performed many thousands of shows and has written volumes on the art of magic.

Of special note is the fact that the 1960 Volume Two book is inscribed and autographed by Micky Hades to Dr. John Henry Grossman. Dr. John Henry Grossman (1914-1992) was a medical doctor specializing in surgical and medical gynecology, He was also a magic historian and collector. He was co-founder of the Magic Collectors Association in 1949, which in 1971 unanimously voted him their Honorary Lifetime President. He was elected into the Society of American Magicians Hall of Fame in 1977.

Both volumes have three-hole post bindings, are approximately 11″ tall by 8.5″ wide, and have more than 100 pages.

These books are in very good condition with minimal signs of wear. They may have smudges, stains, scuffs, foxing, pen/pencil marks, and small creases or tears, all of which are typical of old paper items. None of the inside pages are torn or creased and none of them have handwriting or highlighting. Please review the included photos of the actual items to make a complete determination of their condition.


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