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1940s US WWII War Ration Books # 1, 3, 4 With Envelopes Many Stamps Lot of 22
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During World War II, ration books were issued to citizens in many countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. These books contained stamps or coupons that allowed people to purchase limited amounts of certain goods, such as sugar, butter, and meat, which were in short supply due to wartime shortages. Rationing helped ensure that these essential goods were fairly distributed and that everyone had access to them. The system required careful planning and management, and people were encouraged to make do with less and to use alternative ingredients to create meals. Rationing continued for several years after the war ended until production and distribution of goods returned to normal levels.

This lot is a group of 25 World War II (WWII) war ration books. The group includes three #1s, eight #3s, and eleven #4s. The #1s only have 2-3 stamps each. The rest of the books have dozens of stamps. Most of the #4s have stamps from each of the four colors that were in the book. The number of stamps in each book is similar to the books seen in the photos.

These booklets are in good condition with wear appropriate to their age. May have smudges, stains, small creases or tears, and edge scrapes. The stamps are in good to very good condition. Please review the included photos of the actual items to make a complete determination of their condition.


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