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The Ordinaires Classical Jazz Avant-Garde Rock Band 80s-90s Music Press Photo
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The Ordinaires were an innovative and genre-defying band that emerged in the 1980s. Hailing from New York City, the group combined elements of rock, classical music, jazz, and avant-garde to create a truly unique and eclectic sound. Led by guitarist Bruce Arnold and saxophonist/keyboardist John Lurie, The Ordinaires pushed the boundaries of traditional musical genres, incorporating intricate arrangements, unconventional instrumentation, and a fearless approach to experimentation. Their music featured a blend of original compositions and reinterpretations of classical and pop pieces, showcasing their virtuosity and creativity. The photo is approximately 8″x10″.

NOTE: Any lack of focus in this photo is present in the original image.

This photo is in good used condition with wear appropriate to its age. It may have small creases/tears, wrinkles, indentations, stains, smudges, edge wear, foxing, corner bumps, or other issues typical of old paper items. In addition, the back may have stains or smudges from the developing process. None of these issues are significant enough to interfere with the ability to frame and display the photo. Please review the included photos of the actual item to make a complete determination of its condition.


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