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1866 The Fairy of the Vale as Sung by Wood’s Minstrels Civil War Era Sheet Music
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“The Fairy of the Vale” is a captivating and enchanting song that brings to life the mystical world of fairies and magical realms. With its whimsical melodies and poetic lyrics, the song paints a vivid picture of a serene and ethereal vale inhabited by a graceful and enchanting fairy. “The Fairy of the Vale” invites listeners on a journey of wonder and imagination, where nature’s beauty intertwines with magical elements.

This arrangement of the The Fairy of the Vale is a version performed by Wood’s Minstrels. Wood’s Minstrels was a renowned and influential minstrel troupe that gained prominence in the mid-19th century. Led by bandleader Thomas Dartmouth Rice, commonly known as “Daddy Rice,” Wood’s Minstrels played a significant role in popularizing minstrelsy as a form of entertainment. The troupe consisted of both black and white performers who would don blackface makeup to portray African-American characters in their performances. Wood’s Minstrels were known for their energetic and comedic routines, combining music, dance, and skits that often drew upon stereotypes of the time. Their shows featured banjos, fiddles, tambourines, and other instruments, creating a lively and rhythmic atmosphere.

This sheet music is in good condition. The cover is intact but the piece has foxing and edge wear which are typical of old paper items. Please review the included photos of the actual item to make a complete determination of its condition.


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