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1907 Flight of the Aeronauts St. Louis Aero Club Transportation Sheet Music
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“Flight of the Aeronauts” by A.M. Jones is a sheet music composition published in 1907. The piece is a march-style composition, typical of the era, and is composed for piano. The cover of the sheet music features an illustration of a hot air balloon with the title “Flight of the Aeronauts” written above it. The composition itself is characterized by its lively and energetic melodies, percussive rhythms, and soaring themes, which evoke the experience of flying in a hot air balloon. The piece is dedicated to the Aero Club of St. Louis, Missouri.

This sheet is in fair condition. It has moisture stains around the edges as well as small tears, edge wear, wrinkles, smudges, and stains. Please review the included photos to make a complete determination of the condition of this piece. Pages not shown in the photos are in similar condition.


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