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c.1860 Lanigan’s Ball Irish Folk Song Sung by Dan Bryant of Bryant’s Minstrels
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“Lanigan’s Ball” is a lively and popular Irish folk song that tells the tale of a joyous gathering held by a man named Lanigan. The song describes the spirited atmosphere of the event, where people come together to dance and celebrate with exuberance. Filled with infectious energy and catchy melodies, “Lanigan’s Ball” is often performed with traditional Irish instruments such as fiddles, flutes, and accordions. The song’s lyrics and vibrant rhythm invite listeners to join in the festivities, capturing the essence of Irish culture and the joyous spirit of communal revelry.

This arrangement of the song is a version sung by Dan Bryant, one of three brothers who owned and operated Bryant’s Minstrels. The group was formed in the mid-1800s and was known for their high energy performances included musical instruments and improvised comedy sketches.

This sheet music is in fair condition. The cover has some separations and the piece may have smudges, stains, creases, or small tears which are typical of old paper items. Please review the included photos of the actual item to make a complete determination of its condition.


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