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1946 USS Swallow (AMS-36) WWII Minesweeper Ship Crew Member Newspapers Lot of 14
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Here’s an unusual and hard-to-find item. This lot is a group of 14 ship newspapers from the USS Swallow (AMS-36), a WWII minesweeper. The papers are dated from the end of August through the middle of September in 1946 just after the end of WWII. Each page is 13″x8″ and each newspaper appears to have 1-3 sheets double-sided (2-6 pages). The pages were stapled once in one of the top corners. Many of the pages have come apart from the staples.
The articles are short blurbs of news, sports, or the military. Additionally, all the graphics were hand-drawn. The included photos show most of the front pages. The other pages are similar in condition. The photos include a couple images of pages that were produced for special events.

The pages are quite fragile and brittle due to the use of acidic paper. Therefore, many of the edges have wear and small pieces missing. They are also creased horizontally. None of the pages have major tears or large missing pieces.Please review the included photos of the actual items to make a complete determination of their condition.


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